Solar Eclipse In The Lowcountry On Aug 21st

lowcountry solar eclipse 2

As many of you know, we will be able to see the Solar Eclipse happening next month on Aug. 21st. This is the first one to happen in North America in 90 years. Since we are your Official Lowcountry Radio Station of the Solar Eclipse, we want to keep you informed on how to see it.

Go check out South Carolina’s website to get information about what time to expect the eclipse to happen around here-

The eclipse will start in the lowcountry at 1:30pm and until about 3:30pm. We will see the peak of the eclipse at 2:46pm.

All Beaufort County Libraries will be having a Solar Eclipse party for you to be able to view the eclipse and learn more about it. At the party will be an assortment of sun related refreshments and snacks. They will also have glasses on hand for those who attend.


We want you to join us as we have a Solar Eclipse Party of our own.

The Tiki Hut is Hilton Head Islands official Solar Eclipse Beach Party Headquarters .

Come out and join in all the Fun as we broadcast live from Noon to Four pm

During Their Black Out Solar Eclipse Beach Party on Monday Aug 21

Featuring Cranford and Hollow performing live at 1pm.


We have your glasses, drink specials , and good times along with the best view Hilton Head Island has to offer,

All you need to do is bring yourself.  That’s Monday Aug 21st at the Tiki Hut for the their Black Out Solar Eclipse

Beach Party .


Craig was able to have an interview with Dennis Ghalager from NASA. Below are some of the topics they talked about.



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